The House Game - It's Not A Source Of Major Entertainment, Why?

For somebody who considers themselves a gamer, this one might offer up an experience that is somewhat different than what they have experienced before. After all this is no regular experience, it's actually a bit of a daunting prospect as one prepares to enter The House game for the very first time.

If the player is new to this kind of game, they are left wondering what to expect. What is the player meant to do exactly? It is in no way immediately obvious. One stands at the front door of The House game, wondering, how the heck does one get in? There's thunder and lightning in the background, but no explanation of what to do, it's a bit like playing Poker without knowing the rules!

Ok, so it appears one has to get in the mood to expect the unexpected, one also needs loads of patience, crikey, there's some knocking, aha, is the door about to swing open? Yes success, he finally gets to take a peek in one of the rooms, but what on earth is this and what is he now expected to do?

It looks like this could be a rather long night, very long indeed. With The House game, offered up to make amends for a rubbish review on another game, one might start to wonder how bad was this other game, surely the other person was having a laugh, it couldn't be any worse than trying to navigate your way around a game where the player has no idea what he has to do next or could it?

Well the player having opened the door of the House game appears to be stuck in the dining room, with no immediate way of advancement in to any of the other rooms, It's all a bit of a mystery, but honestly who the heck cares, seriously, it's ridiculous. Time to get rid of this Ha Horror story and go to sleep. God knows, some people have to be up early in the morning, welcome to the real world!