Why Is The Royal Vegas Casino Online So Popular Amongst Canadians?

One of the biggest concerns players have with playing games online is the safety of their funds, but there are other reasons also as to why the Royal Vegas Casino online, is so popular amongst Canadians, and it's called Microgaming.

when it comes to providing online slot games the Royal Vegas casino has in excess of over 500 different Microgaming titles. One of the most popular attractions they have without doubt, are their progressive jackpots. These are specific games that grow their jackpot from more than one casino where a particular slot game is played.

These games are exciting indeed as one never know how close they could be to the mega payout, they just notice each time they go online if the jackpot has been won or not and if not, how it has steadily increased. That just means another chance for the Canadian's amongst the flock to have another crack at the big one, as for sure someone somewhere is gonna get lucky, and why not them!

Some of the progressive slots that are on offer here at the Royal Vegas Casino include the likes of the famous Microgaming Mega Moolah, where life changing million dollar jackpots have already been written about in the history books, how about that! Yes, millions of dollars have been paid out since their first introduction, and on more than one occasion as well, it's easy to see how their popularity hasn't diminished amongst Canadians! There is also The Dark Knight and the brand new version of the Jurassic Park game. For progressive slot fans these games are an absolute must to play!

Another reason why the Canadians flock in their droves is the casinos, welcome bonus. When it comes to these bonuses one soon discovers that these are some of the most generous welcome bonuses in the industry. This is not something that can be kept quiet for very long, word soon gets out, especially when one is talking of $1200 for trying a host of wonderful Microgaming delights. It kind of makes it a "must stop and play" for every gamer out there, regardless of whether they're recreational gamblers, veterans, rookies or pro's.

The $1200 bonus breaks down over the players' first three deposits. On the first deposit they are entitled to a 100% bonus match up to $250. The second deposit secures them a further 25% matching bonus this time up to $200, and on their 3rd deposit they can look forward to the remaining third deposit, earning them a 50% bonus up to a maximum of $750.

There are Loyalty & VIP programs too, along with basic entry and access to free slot tournaments, along with monthly promotions on a regular basis including free spins on their favorite slot machine games.

Come join the growing band of Canadian slot players at the Royal Vegas Casino and participate in the marvellous Microgaming fest. The time has arrived to pay a visit to royalcasinos.ca. Check it out now it's the fun place to be, and an opportunity to play the very best online slots today for free, come get a piece of the action!