Help Dr. House Save as many Patients as Possible in this Puzzle-Solving Video Game

The popular TV series House, M.D. (often just called House) starting Hugh Laurie may have ended in 2012, but that doesn't mean fans of the series can no longer take part in Dr. House's adventures. The series lives on in the House video game in which players control the famous misanthropic genius as he tries to properly diagnose his patients before they die.

The House MD game features Dr. Gregory House and many of the other characters from the show, including Dr. Chris Taub, Dr. Remy "Thirteen" Hadley, and Dr. Eric Foreman. It's a puzzle game in which players take on the role of Dr. House to work through five different levels. Each level features a patient who is dying from a mysterious disease. To complete the level, the player must successfully diagnose each patient and have them treated before it's too late.

In order to reach the proper diagnoses, players have to complete several different tasks. First, they will have to interview the patient. Just like in the series, the patients don't always tell the entire truth, and players will have to figure out what they're lying about or omitting from their statements. Did you know that you can bet on television shows? The website predominantly focuses on free bets for sports but you could use these to place a bet on television shows - which is perhaps one of the most entertaining ways to get closer to the action. Visit the site for more info.

Most gameplay, though, is done through mini-games. These mini-games are presented as diagnostic tests performed by Drs. Taub, Hadley, and Foreman. Beating these mini-games will provide the player with results that can be used to eliminate some possible diseases. While there are a number of different types of these mini-games, they are repeated several times during the different levels.

One of these mini-games, though, is very different from the others. Instead of a diagnostic test, this mini-game is all about getting Dr. House his lunch. Players control a large sandwich and must navigate from the restaurant to House's office without getting eaten by any of the other medical personnel in the hospital. It's so unexpected and random that players may laugh through the entire experience. It's a very nice comedic break from the rest of the game. Online gaming enthusiasts can play free slots games with grizzly. This gives them the option to play for free and learn how to play without spending any money. This takes video gamers love for games to the next level; the option to play for free, learn the game then play for real casino money and win big!

While the game has been praised for its fun puzzles and mini-games, it's also received some criticism. The two most common negatives players often list are the repetitive puzzles and the fact that the game does not feature the voices of the characters. Good news is that the House MD game reached colossal popularity to the extend that it can be even seen as a poker chips theme in online casinos. Visit to get a free and legal online poker bonus and you are ready to start the adventure.

The House MD game is available on PC, Nintendo DS, and mobile platforms. It was released in December of 2009 and was later updated in August 2010. The game was developed and published by Hands-On Mobile/MFORMA. It can be downloaded from Google Play or from the Apple iStore.

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