Features of Microgaming's Double Slot Game

Another Microgaming game paves its way to the waging and gaming industry - The Double Dose Slot game. The Microgaming has never failed in giving the satisfaction and excitement its clients and players are looking for in every game. This holds true even from their most basic game play ideals up to those complex and high rolling games which garners them the fame and prestige they have today.

If you are looking for a simple, basic game that will entertain you, all while earning, then the Double Dose Slot game is definitely for you. This game contains only three reels along with a single payline. This is definitely simpler than other games of this type that microgaming has introduced in the industry, but the payout of this game is without a doubt, something that will not fail you.

Even though there's only a few reels and payline for you to play with, it doesn't forfeit the fact that you may still earn average on this type of games, not to mention you'll earn them in a simpler game which will give you more winning chances because it only contains a few instances. The stake levels are also intuitive as you can increase you stake up to $5 or even decrease it to $0.25 as you please. You can double the coin you'll use for each spin which gives you a maximum of $10 a spin which is definitely a fair cost.

The Jackpot payout in this game amounts to $1,600 when you use two coins and $800 with one coin when you get three or more the Double Dose logo symbol. The symbols in the game are also that of a standard game which includes; the cherry symbol; a single bar symbol; a double bar symbol; a triple bar symbol; and the seven symbol in red colour. There are no bonus and scatter symbols in this simple game, but the wild symbol is definitely something you'd look forward to in order to maximize your winnings.

This Double Dose Slot game is a very simple game which serves you a chance of winning fair amount of prizes. With the right amount of luck, this can also help you earn a lot in a simpler way rather than playing high rolling games, all while enjoying and admiring the standard appearance of this game.