Here's A House MD Drinking Game That Might Just Be Fun To Play!

It is a fact that some fans watching Dr. House episodes have devised a House MD drinking game. It's quite an interesting notion, however, it should be noted it's not a game for the faint hearted, more a game for those that are also fans of drinking games. It's with that in mind, that a quick overview is offered for the drink game player; here they will get a feel of how this novel game plays out.

When watching Dr. House episodes whilst playing this House MD drinking game, one has the opportunity with bottle and glass in hand to interact with the action. Time to whet the whistle.

Getting Started

Player open's fresh bottle of their favourite tipple. Player sanitizes glass in case of germs creating illness and becoming part of their own real life drama. Each time House reaches for the Vicodin: Player takes a drink Each time a new symptom crops up: Player takes a drink These show up several times in the show, so will aid the player in keeping on top of their game!

Now onto the other categories of the game, these are:


Cameron guesses it's autoimmune: Player takes 2 drinks Foreman says that it's neurological: Player takes 2 drinks Wilson says that it's cancer: Player takes 3 drinks For all other symptoms, the player takes 1 drink, with the exceptions of Vasculitis and Genetic Disorder where the player takes 2 drinks and S.T.D where they take 3 drinks.


For all general antibiotics administered and IVIGs, the player must take one drink, Brain Surgery and Organ Removal 2 drinks, along with 4 drinks for amputations.


Since the player may now feel a little woozy; All drinks for appointed tests are discretionary.

Celebratory Resolution

House Right Again: Player Celebrates! Player takes 3 drinks House Was Wrong: Player commiserates, Player has a beer Patient Dies: Player takes 8 drinks & tunes in again next week for another chance to play the House MD drinking game that's assuming they live to see another day!