Here Are Ten Of The Very Best Dr House Episodes - Which Is Tops?

Dr House was a popular TV series that first hit the screen in November 2004 and ran through till May 2012. The constant main star of the Dr. House episodes featured British actor Hugh Laurie.

The following are ten of the most popular Dr. House episodes starting from whence the series commenced.

Episode 5 Failure To Communicate (2006)

Whilst waiting to catch a plane, a famous writer is admitted in to the hospital. House must see if he can assist long distance.

Episode 7 All In

A 6 year old student whilst on a field trip with the school is seriously bleeding. The teacher consults with House who thinks the student is suffering from a disease similar to that which killed one of his former elderly patients.

Episode 15 Half-Wit (2007)

House has to decide how much of a pianist savant's brain needs to be preserved for him to at least have a normal life whilst his abilities diminish.

Episode 25 Frozen (2008)

Again House is called to diagnose a long distance case this one being for a researcher who has fallen ill in the South Pole.

Episode 28 Last Resort (2008)

House along with others is taken Hostage by a guy who has seen several doctors in an effort to cure his condition.

Episode 31 Both Sides

Assisted by his team House has to treat a patient who's had their brain split in two. As a result some behavioural issues of health arise.

Episode 40 After Hours (2011)

An ex con friend of Thirteen arrives unannounced at Thirteen's apartment; he is in need of immediate medical attention.

Episode 46 Everybody Dies (2012)

The curtain comes down on the Dr. House series, on what's been a magnificent roller coaster ride from start to finish. Much has been learned about the characters, what drives and what motivates them, what strengths they possess and what weaknesses they have. In this moving episode about a drug addict directed by David Shore creator of the show, the cast take one final bow.