Who is Hugh Laurie?

Playing the Role of Dr. Gregory House, protagonist in the famous Dr. House Series, as well as some other roles in various famous movies, James Hugh Calum Laurie or more known as Hugh Laurie - his screen name, is one of the most known and renowned Hollywood artist in the world today. He's popular being a not just an actor but also as a comedian, director, musician and a writer. His greatness is definitely unparalleled and this lead to him being awarded of various prestigious awards and Emmy nominations, as well as his name being embedded on the Guinness Book of World Records, as the man most watched in the television and also one of the actors with the highest pay reaching about $409,000 for just one episode of his series.

Hugh Laurie was conceived in Oxford, Oxfordshire and had three siblings where he was the youngest- one brother and two sisters. His father was a doctor while he described his mother to be a frustration to her as he stated that she doesn't like him. On his early education, he entered a school named the Dragon School during his span of age 7 to 13 where he notes how horrible a child he was. He went to Eton college and attended the Cambridge University which was the alumni school of his father. In hopes to follow his footsteps, he also joined the British Coax team as an oarsman and won awards on different competitions.

Due to certain circumstances, he was then forced to forfeit his rowing career where his next career - the acting career, was set in motion. After the said abandonment of his previous career, he joined the drama club of the University where he met various people as well as a woman whom he had an intimate connection with, though they still remained friends.

Later on he meets his comedy partner Stephen Fry and moves on with their career. They starred on many shows and other charity events which gave a boost to their career. What followed was a series of starring on different shows and videos until he finally gets his role on Dr. House which helped him garner various awards. He also garnered awards in the music industry, as well as in the lane of filmography and writing. Even today, the name of Hugh Laurie still rings a bell for many people and if you still haven't, then I concur that you must see his grandeur for yourself.