Features of the Crazy Doctors Slot from B3W Group

If you are fond of Hospital themed games, then the Crazy Doctors Slot game shall definitely be a part of your list. Deriving from the title of the game, you've already guessed that it's definitely a hospital themed slot which involves a few crazy doctors, nurses and of course, the apparatuses found in the hospital. Adding to the vibe of 'craziness', you'll see some crazy doctors at the background glaring at you which will definitely both give you the creeps and the excitement as it lives up to its title.

This game involves 9 paylines with 5 reels and the possibility for the player to win up to $1,250 which is rather a low price for regular and high rolling players. At the top of the game play you'll see the reel in green transparent colour which yet again, gives it a creepy vibe. The symbols you'll see here are various objects you can find on various hospitals which includes; hospital symbol, pills, ambulance, poison bottle, thermometer and the syringe. There are also quite the number of character symbols which you'll see in the game - like an evil nurse, a hot and gorgeous nurse, a mental patient restrained with a strait jacket, the doctors and a few more which are something you should look forward to.

The background sound also supports the overall game play and theme of the game as you will hear creepy evil laughter, sawing noises and sirens of ambulances, all giving the vibe of a hectic, creepy and thrilling hospital. The maximum wager per spin is $4.50 per spin, fixed amount $0.5 coins bet and 10 of this can be placed on each payline. The game will offer you the chance of winning 2500x the wagered price which sums up to 25,000 coins or $1,250.

There's also a wild symbol here which acts like other wild symbols which is the green cross, the only difference is that it gives you a times 2 multiplier that will double your maximum payout. Assuming you'll get this along with the maximum winning combination, then you'll be able to receive $2,500 as your maximum winning prize. There's also the bonus round that will give you a more enjoyable and exciting experience.

The payout in the Crazy Doctors Slot game as well as the maximum prize to be won is definitely not that high, but without a doubt, it is still an enjoyable and exciting one from the B3W Group which you should certainly try.