Features of Doctor Love on Vacation Slot Game

Playing slot games are a lot of fun, especially if the graphics of what you're playing is unique and compelling. Answering to this is the Doctor Love game with a sequel to follow it - The Doctor Love on Vacation Slot. This game has many loyal players and followers that will definitely intrigue and entice you to play. This is mainly because of its adorable and cute theme which is compelling, bright and colourful - a theme truly worthy of the term 'Fun' just by looking at it.

As mentioned the Doctor Love on Vacation is a sequel to the original version of the game; it could be the game waited by many and also a complete mystery to some who haven't played the original version. But whatever the case, this only means that there's an additional game for you to add to your collection to be played via your mobile phone or even online.

Aside from the colourful and compelling theme of the game, the symbols that give it a strong punch adds to the overall gameplay of a player. There are tons of symbols that will definitely be fun and exciting to see which will give you different results based on what combination you get. It's pretty much a standard and normal slot aside from the cute and amazing animation of Doctor Love surfing on your screen whilst giving you about 20 games for free. It runs on a 5 reel, 20 Payline and has a jackpot amount of 5,000 coins. The bonus gives you 20 free spins as mentioned along with a multiplier up to 3X. There are also bonus in-game features like the 'Doctor Love Wild' and 'Surf Board Scatter' which you definitely should look out for.

The Doctor Love on Vacation is definitely a fun, colourful and exciting game especially for those who prefer this kind of theme, but High-rollers may not be one of them because of its lack in features as well as low jackpot prizes.