Features of Naughty Nurse Video Slot Game

Ready your coins and turn your waging 'on' because the Naughty Nurse Slot game is here to give you fabulous and compelling possible prizes that will surely leave you wanting to play more. As the name suggests, there is no other place for naughty nurses other than in the hospital. This hospital themed game may seem to be a boring theme to incorporate in a waging game, but the prize here is without a doubt tempting and outrageous.

There are 15 paylines in this game all with 5 reels and this game offers you a chance to win an astounding price of $1,250,000. The naughty nurses come in three different characters where one definitely looks mean rather than naughty. Also, the payline numbers are in thermometers making the overall design of the game fairly made and appropriate for the theme. The background of the Naughty Nurse Slot is the hospital itself - walls, floors and equipment's. There are also other symbols like the monitor with the hearth rhythm, x-ray, pills, and the nurses themselves.

While in the game, you will be allowed to only bet $0.50 coins, but you can place 10 of them in each payline to maximize your winning chances of the grand prize. The maximum prize is astounding but there's only $5,000 award for standard combinations. How will you get the grand prize? When you get the Bonus symbol of three to five combinations, you'll be awarded with 250, 000 credits and if you have 1 to 10 coins per line, you'll receive 2.5 Million credits in coins which mean $1,250,000. The bonus symbol is a person on the hospital bed with bandages all over him. This is your lucky guy so hope that you'll see him while you're playing the game.

There's also the ambulance which acts as the scatter symbol which will give you up to 50 times of the bet you've placed. There's also the wild symbol which acts like any other wild symbol and acts like any other card as long as it is not a special symbol.

This game is definitely one which will give you a high prize to look forward to, though there are no free spins here, no progressive jackpot and no bonus multipliers. Also, the naughtiness you expect from the title doesn't live up during the game, but if you are looking for the gameplay, then this is without a doubt, entertaining.